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The Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission, or SPC, is the regional planning agency serving the Pittsburgh 10-county area and providing essential services to the region. The official Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), SPC directs the use of state and federal transportation and economic development funds allocated to the region---approximately $33 billion through 2030. For example, SPC helps counties, cities, municipalities, and townships use federal transportation funds in a timely way.

SPC is also the region's designated Local Development District and Economic Development District by the US Appalachian Regional Commission and the US Department of Commerce. In this role, SPC establishes regional economic development priorities and provides a wide range of services to the region.
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SPC Chairman Larry Maggi
Larry Maggi
SPC Chairman

The Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission (SPC) is the 60+-member governing body for the Corporation comprised of representatives from all 10 counties (5 members each), the City of Pittsburgh (5 members), the Governor's office (one member), and other state and federal agencies.

The Commission is the regional forum for collaboration, planning and public decision-making regarding transportation and economic development issues in southwestern Pennsylvania.
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President & CEO Jim Hassinger
Jim Hassinger
President & CEO

The Southwestern Pennsylvania Corporation is the administrative arm of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission. Taking its direction from the Commission, the Corporation executes the three program areas: Transportation, Planning and Development, and Information Systems.The 50+ staff members (see staff directory) are responsible for conducting the extensive and necessary work and research to provide important services to local governments and their planning departments.
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Mission Statement

The Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission is the cooperative forum for regional collaboration, planning, and public decision-making. Operating with public involvement and trust, the Commission develops plans and programs for public investments; fulfills federal and state requirements for transportation, economic development, and local government assistance programs.

Brief Overview

SPC President & CEO Jim Hassinger discusses SPC's activities, focusing on the Long Range Transportation & Development Plan (LRP), Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and public outreach efforts.

Special Thank You To Our Foundations

The following foundations and organizations have generously provided support that helps make many of our programs possible. Thanks to all who have generously contributed time, money, goods, and services to SPC.



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