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Transportation: Data & Modeling

About Data & Modeling

Through strategic partnerships and GIS Technology, SPC has assembled one of the largest data arsenals in the region to assist with a multitude of planning and economic development activities. Municipalities’ ability to access all the best current data and future projections in a single place—SPC— enables them to make more informed decisions about their future residential and commercial development potential.

As the regional census data affiliate, SPC supplies accurate, comprehensive data to local governments, private industries, and community organizations. We strive to provide the highest level of technical support and expertise to SPC member governments in application development, needs assessments, implementation plans, and regional partnerships. SPC’s data are especially vital to local governments in implementing or revising their comprehensive plans, establishing inventories within public works, and identifying emergency or homeland security scenarios.

SPC also develops and maintains demographic forecasts through the year 2040 for municipalities and the region to use in individual project planning and design. The current forecast, called Cycle 9a, has total population, households, and work-place employment for the years 2010-2040 by municipality and, for those who need an even finer geography, by sub-municipality entities called traffic analysis zones. So, depending upon the geographic level needed, SPC can provide small-area forecasts (traffic analysis zones) up to large-area forecasts (counties and the region).

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