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Transportation: Operations & Safety


It is always important to get the most out of existing infrastructure.  This requires innovative approaches to optimize the use of roadways, bridges, transit systems, and other transportation assets in order to achieve heightened operational efficiencies.  The programs, projects, and techniques that help achieve this increased efficiency are part of the transportation operations program.

Highway safety can be heavily influenced by operational conditions such as traffic congestion, weather, work zones, traffic signal timings, and other factors.  Conversely, crashes and other incidents can have a tremendous impact on operations and congestion.  For this reason, transportation operations and safety planning are often done in tandem to ensure a coordinated approach.

By focusing on maintaining existing infrastructure and maximizing operational efficiencies, SPC’s Transportation Operations and Safety activities support the following Regional Vision Scenario policies in our Region’s Plan:

  • Revitalization and redevelopment of existing communities is a priority.
  • Maintenance of the existing transportation system will be a regional priority.
  • Investment in infrastructure improvement will be coordinated and targeted at the corridor level to optimize the impact of the investment.
  • The region’s transportation system will be actively managed and operated to function at its full potential.
  • Transportation and development choices will prioritize safe and secure multimodal and intermodal networks for people and goods.

PennDOT Operations Center

Operations and Safety Meeting


TOSF Meetings & Minutes

SPC's Transportation Operations and Safety Forum (TOSF) provides a central regional forum to coordinate operations and safety planning and continued development, advancement, and implementation of the Regional Operations Plan and the Regional Safety Plan. To sustain the successful integration of operational objectives in the planning process, it is important that the TOSF institutionalize the process of engaging operating agencies and stakeholders in developing operational objectives and measuring performance. By advancing operations, planners, engineers and operators can help institutionalize the concept of “working together” among transportation agencies, public safety officials, and other public and private sector interests within the SPC region

Previous Meetings

Date   Agenda   Meeting Summary   Meeting Presentation/Materials
February 22, 2018   Agenda   Meeting Summary   TIM Facility Study | TIM Activities | Regional Safety Targets | University of Pittsburgh Thesis Presentation
October 26, 2017   Agenda   Meeting Summary   Turnpike ABC Project | Cox's Corner Roundabout | MNDOT RCUT Part 1 | MNDOT RCUT Part 2
August 24, 2017   Agenda   Meeting Summary  

PENNDOT' S Traffic Signal Roadmap Discussion | What is the Congestion Management Process? | Regional TIM Program Update

February 23, 2017   Agenda   Meeting Summary    
October 27, 2016   Agenda   Meeting Summary   ATCMTD Program | Regional Cashless Tolling Planning Study for Southwest Pennsylvania | Evaluating the Safety Aspects of Adaptive Signal Control SPC Presentation | In|Sync Adaptive Traffic Solution Monroeville/Murrysville, PA | SynchroGreen Real-Time Adaptive Traffic Management System
June 30, 2016   Agenda   Meeting Summary   Freight Plan Overview with Operations Highlights | 2017-2020 TIP Overview | ATCMTD Summary | Traffic Signal Asset Management System
February 25, 2016   Agenda   Meeting Summary    
October 29, 2015   Agenda   Meeting Summary    
June 25, 2015   Agenda   Meeting Summary    
November 5, 2014   Agenda   Meeting Summary    
July 30, 2014   Agenda   Meeting Summary    
February 25, 2014   Agenda   Meeting Summary    




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