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Transportation: Operations & Safety: Intelligent Transportation Systems

About ITS

Advances in technology are enabling us to build a smarter transportation system, permitting everyone to make better travel decisions and experience fewer delays. ITS technology leads to reduced traffic congestion, safer roads, smarter transit vehicles and service, less wasted fuel, better air quality, and increased capacity and functioning of our transportation systems.

One of the roles of SPC’s Transportation Operations and Safety Committee is to bring together ITS stakeholders from across the region to share information on current projects and future ITS applications that will serve Southwestern Pennsylvania’s transportation users.

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2016 Southwestern PA Regional ITS Architecture Update

In 2015 and 2016, SPC staff met with 25 regional ITS stakeholders including state and local transportation agencies, transit agencies, transportation management associations, and local governments to discuss their current ITS architecture and to gain input on future needs. Based on the discussions at these meetings, SPC recently completed an update to the Regional ITS Architecture.

SPC continues to participate in statewide and national discussions concerning advancements in ITS, including a statewide connected and autonomous vehicle work group on emerging technologies.

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Click here to view the Southwestern PA Regional ITS Architecture Update

  Regional Cashless Tolling  Planning Study

Regional Cashless Tolling Planning Study

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission plans to gradually implement cashless tolling on its facilities. In 2016, SPC completed the Regional Cashless Tolling Study. The purpose of this study is to assist the PA Turnpike, PennDOT, and other regional stakeholders with determining what the potential impacts are of cashless tolling to existing interchanges along the mainline Turnpike (I-76) within the SPC region; and to evaluate the potential for new cashless tolling access ramps along the mainline Turnpike. The study’s final report is available here.

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Recent ITS Activities

SPC continues to foster ITS regional collaboration and coordination. SPC's ITS program includes:

  • Providing leadership, coordination, and technical support to ITS project sponsors
  • Updating the Regional ITS Architecture in support of the Regional Operations Plan
  • Tracking the status of ITS projects and initiatives
  • Disseminating ITS related project information to regional ITS stakeholders, decision-makers, and the general public
  • Before/after evaluation of ITS projects
  • Facilitating educational workshops and conferences on ITS

Connected/Autonomous Vehicles and Smart Cities

The SPC region and the state of Pennsylvania are national leaders in connected/autonomous vehicle research. The USDOT has already funded a collaborative between Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pennsylvania as a national University Transportation Center focused on safety. In 2016, significantly more research and development activities progressed. SPC provided staff assistance, data and support to some of the major statewide and regional activities in 2016 including:

  • Smart Cities Challenge: SPC assisted the City of Pittsburgh with their Smart Cities Challenge application entitled “SmartPGH,” which included elements such as an autonomous shuttle network, an electric vehicle corridor, and real time adaptive traffic signal control with transit priority. The City was able to take traffic signal elements of the SmartPGH application and apply immediately for funding associated with the Advanced Transportation and Congestion Management Technologies Deployment program (ATCMTD). In late 2016, The USDOT awarded the City of Pittsburgh approximately $11 million based on their application.
  • PennDOT convened an Autonomous Vehicle Policy Task Force. The Task Force participants included various public and private sector organizations and interests that are involved or have a stake in the development of autonomous vehicles. The Task Force developed a statewide Autonomous Vehicle Testing Policy. SPC continues to be involved in PennDOT’s Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Work Group.
  • USDOT awarded a grant to CMU and its partners to establish a second University Transportation Center called “Mobility 21”. “Mobility 21” will continue research and development activities related to smart city technologies, connected and autonomous vehicles, improved access to disadvantaged neighborhoods, multimodal traveling, assistive technologies for people with disabilities and data modeling for traffic control systems.

Congestion Pricing Workshop, September 29, 2016

Integrated Corridor Management Workshop

Ramp Management Workshop

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