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Transportation: Operations & Safety: Regional Operations Plan

"Planning for operations" encompasses a variety of activities that planners and transportation system operators collaborate on in order to maximize the efficiency of the transportation system and to ensure that transportation services are delivered in as safe, reliable, and secure a manner as possible. In addition to having many congestion mitigation and system efficiency benefits, planning for operations is required under Federal law. Statewide operational planning has evolved based on federal guidelines and knowledge development. The first "operational planning" was the development of the 2004 Pennsylvania Regional ITS Architectures, which was followed by PennDOT's 2005 Transportation Systems Operations Plan (TSOP).

To complement statewide planning efforts, each of the nine transportation operations regions across the Commonwealth developed a Regional Operations Plan (ROP) in 2007, which documented each region's approach to operational activities. The plans all used TSOP as a starting point, but adapted the statewide direction to the region's transportation conditions, values, and priorities. SPC has subsequently mainstreamed the ROP into its regional Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) process and updates the ROP each time the LRTP is updated.

SPC and its member Planning Departments, PennDOT's Engineering Districts, the PennDOT Bureau of Highway Safety & Traffic Engineering (BHSTE), the ten regional transit operators, three regional transportation management associations, and other regional stakeholders are currently working to implement various initiatives from the seven priority areas identified in the 2015 ROP.


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