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Transportation: Operations & Safety: Traffic Incident Management

Mission of TIM

  Regional TIM Steering Committee

To help regional organizations enhance the delivery of traffic incident management services and products for the purpose of improving responder safety, clearing crashes from the roadway as quickly and safely as possible, and improving the availability and reliability of interoperable incident communications.

To accomplish this mission, SPC facilitates a dialogue between leadership and practitioners of the following disciplines:

  • Crash & homicide investigators
  • Emergency medical services (EMS)
  • Fire & rescue
  • Hazardous material handlers
  • Law enforcement
  • Media
  • Medical examiners
  • Road maintenance
  • Service patrols
  • Towing and recovery
  • Traffic management centers
  • Transportation
  • Utilities

By bringing these disciplines together on a regular basis, improvements in interagency traffic incident management will be achieved due to better collaboration, cooperation, coordination and communication.  SPC uses the National Unified Goal (NUG) for Traffic Incident Management, which provides 18 cross-cutting strategies that can be used to implement the steering committee mission, as a source for guiding principles.

One initiative of the Regional TIM Steering Committee is to conduct National TIM Emergency Responder Training.

TIM Teams

Another initiative is the development of local TIM Teams. There are currently 5 local Teams underway or in the process of being put together.

Regional TIM Steering Committee  

I-79/I-76 Local TIM Team

This TIM team focuses on major roadways in southern Butler County and northern Allegheny County including I-79, I-76, SR 228, and US 19.

Airport Corridor Local TIM Team  

Airport Corridor Local TIM Team

This TIM team focuses on major roadways in Allegheny County in the area generally between I-79 and the Beaver County line, including I-376, Business 376, SR 60, and US 22.

Airport Corridor Local TIM Team  

Indiana County TIM Team

This TIM team focuses on major roadways such as US 22, US 422, and US 119 and also tackles issues unique to incident response in rural areas.

Pittsburgh TIM Team  

Pittsburgh TunnelsTIM Team

This TIM team focuses on incidents that impact travel in the urban core of the region, including major roadways like I-279, I-376, I-579, SR 28, SR 65, and key bridges and tunnels like the Liberty Bridge & Tunnel, Fort Duquesne Bridge, Fort Pitt Bridge & Tunnel, Veterans Bridge, Squirrel Hill Tunnel, and Armstrong Tunnel.

I-70/I-79 Local TIM Team  

I-70/I-79 Local TIM Team

This TIM team is centered on Washington, PA and the overlapping aea of interstates 70 & 79 between the North and South Junction interchanges.

Regional TIM Clearinghouse

Click Here to Access (for local Team Members)

2019 TIM Activities

Activities in 2019 include:

  • Provided National SHARP II TIM Responder Training to over 650 City of Pittsburgh Fire Fighters.
  • Specialized TIM training inside the Liberty Tunnel
  • 579 Cap Project TIM Meeting
  • PennTIME Leadership team and Co-leader of TIM Task Force Development Committee
  • Continued development of TIM Funding Newsletter

2016 TIM Meeting

In collaboration with PennDOT, SPC sponsored the National SHRPII Traffic Incident Management Responder Training for over 20 professionals from PennDOT, Western Traffic Management Center, and Ross Township. The participants learned the fundamentals of TIM, safe vehicle positioning, scene safety and traffic management.


TIM Program Guide

TIM Program GuideClick here or on the image to download
the TIM Program Guide

DRAFT Southwestern PA TIM Guidelines

DRAFT SW PA TIM Guidelines
Click here or on the image to download
the DRAFT SW PA TIM Guidelines

TIM Training Locations

TIM Information Sources

Links of Interest to the Steering Committee and the Local TIM Teams on the most current TIM discussions can be found by visiting the TIM Network websites and the Emergency Responder Safety Institute.  The TIM Network is a component of the National Traffic Incident Management Coalition aimed at enabling collaboration for TIM professionals and practitioners.

SPC's TIM Training

Cranberry Township YouTube Video

Cranberry Township emergency and utility workers work around the clock to reopen an arterial highway after a microburst topples power lines.

SWPA Regional TIM Performance Dashboard

SWPA Regional TIM Performance Dashboard

* As such, comparing your score on this year’s TIM SA to last year’s is a bit challenging. There are several things to keep in mind:

1) In previous years, the lowest score for any question was 0. Starting with the 2015 TIM SA, the lowest score is 1. If you previously scored a lot of questions 0, your section and/or overall score may go up simply as a function of making 0 scores 1.
2) This year we provided more specific scoring criteria for each question in the TIM SA. Therefore, your score may decrease for a specific question as you match your location’s current practice to the specific scoring criteria. Over time, this will greatly reduce the level of subjectivity in the TIM SA and should provide a more clear benchmark year over year.
3) A number of questions were added this year to the Strategic section and as such, the weighting of the questions/scores in that section have changed. This could also impact your score this year in a way that more reflects the scoring protocol change than a change in your location’s TIM program performance.If you have any questions, or to schedule or register for training, please contact Josh Spano at jspano@spcregion.org or (412) 391-5590 x362


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