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Transportation: Operations & Safety: Regional Traffic Signal Program

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About The Program

SPC's Regional Traffic Signal Program provides technical assistance to municipalities as well as potential funding to assist in upgrading signal systems in the region. This effort is identified as a high priority in both Mapping The Future: The Southwestern PA Plan and in the Southwestern Pennsylvania Regional Operations Plan. The overall benefits of the program can be summarized in the benefit:cost ratio 64:1 for the program's first two cycles; for every dollar of public money invested in the program, the traveling public and the surrounding communities realize $64 of benefits in reduced fuel usage, delay, and emissions.

NEW: Call for Projects for the 4th Cycle of Regional Traffic Signal Program Now Open!

If you are interested in the Regional Traffic Signal Program, see the aditional information below:

Improved traffic signal maintenance, coordination, and technology upgrades have been identified as high priorities in the SPC region.  This is because traffic signal systems have been shown to provide some of the highest returns on investment of any transportation infrastructure projects.  In Pennsylvania, traffic signals are permitted by PennDOT, but are maintained and operated by local municipalities.  Therefore, regional coordination and multi-municipal cooperation are key to addressing this issue.  SPC, through its Transportation Operations & Safety Committee, has taken on a leading role in the development of a regional traffic signal program for Southwestern Pennsylvania.

This section of the SPC website serves as one tool in the management of traffic signal systems in Southwestern Pennsylvania by providing a clearinghouse for signal-related information and resources.

Municipal Signal Management Toolbox

There are a variety of tools that municipalities can use to manage their trafic signal assets. This site serves as a ready resource for municipalities to access some of these tools. If there are additional materials you would like to add to this site, please contact Domenic D’Andrea at (412) 391-5590 x341 or e-mail ddandrea@spcregion.org.

The Toolbox:

Recent Municipal Maintenance Agreement and Cost Information

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Signal Program Recent Activities Video

Dom D'Andrea talks about SPC's Regional Traffic Signal Program and remarks on some of its many recent accomplishments and activities

More Recent Traffic Signal Activities

Third Cycle of the Regional Traffic Signal Program

  • SPC executed all of the required agreements with PennDOT and the involved municipalities for funding ($5,000,000) of the program’s third cycle.
  • SPC is working on projects with the following municipalities for the program's third cycle:

For questions about Regional Traffic Signal Initiatives, contact Domenic D’Andrea at (412) 391-5590 x341 or e-mail ddandrea@spcregion.org.

LED Conversions

General Information

LED ReplacementA light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor device that uses solid-state electronics to create light. The packaging of these diodes for use in traffic signals is a technology that has become more prevalent due to its distinct advantages over incandescent lights such as:

  • Savings of 80-90% in annual energy costs
  • Improved visibility
  • Savings of maintenance costs (LED bulbs last 5-7 times longer) 
  • Savings of 65-70% in total costs over a 5 year period

Programs & Funding

Stories Of LED Success

For more information about Traffic Signals, Domenic D’Andrea at (412) 391-5590 x341 or e-mail ddandrea@spcregion.org.

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