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Transportation: Plans & Programs: Project Development & Delivery


SPC is committed to assist our local governments and agencies in the preparation, planning, and execution of their community’s priority projects and investments. The information below will provide local project sponsors with the steps, resources, and best practices for successful project delivery when utilizing federal or state funds.

What Is A "Local Project"?

Generally, a “Local Project” is a project on a transportation facility owned/operated by a local government. Local projects can include a project owned by a municipality or governmental agency that is funded through the region’s Transportation Improvement Program.

PennDOT Publication 740 gives an overview of the required processes for delivering local projects using federal and/or state funding. Early understanding of these requirements by Local Project Sponsors helps to streamline the overall process by saving time, reducing omissions, and making efficient use of funds.


What Is A "Project Delivery"?

“Project Delivery” refers to the implementation of a project from inception to construction and project finalization. The phases involved with Project Delivery generally include planning and programming, preliminary engineering/environmental clearance, final design, right of way, utilities, and construction. Not all local projects will require each phase. The time required to progress a project through each stage varies depending on project type and funding availability and type.

Tips For Local Project Sponsors

Check Become a PennDOT Engineering and Construction Management System (ECMS) business partner
Check Follow the proper consultant selection process
Check Utilize a consultant that has previous experience with similar projects and/or state DOT procedures

General Project Development Flowchart - Locally Sponsored Projects


Local Project Delivery Process

Multimodal Planning

Operations & Safety

Data & Modeling

Plans & Programs

Technical Committee

Long Range Plan (LRP)

Transportation Improvement
Program (TIP)

TA Set-Aside Program

Smart Transportation
Program (SMART)

Federal Aid
Functional Classification

Planning &
Environmental Linkage

Environmental Justice

Project Development
& Delivery

Asset Management

Transportation Studies

Transportation Resiliency
& Sustainability

Non-State Federal
Aid System

Public Participation

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