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Transportation: Public Transportation: Public Input Form

Project Input Form

Proposal Contact Information:

Proposal Advocate
(if applicable) :

First Name:

Last Name:






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Problem Location



Proposal Title
(if applicable) :
(eg, local road name, state route number,
interstate number or bridge name):
Roadway Preventative Maintenance:
Roadway is in poor condition:
Roadway has drainage Issue:
Roadway shoulder is in need of maintenance/repair:
Other Roadway Concern:

Bridge Maintenance:
Bridge is in poor condition:
Bridge deck is noisy:
Bridge is closed:
Bridge is weight restricted:
Bridge is restricted to one lane:
Other Bridge Concern:

There is congestion during the rush hour:
There is congestion during the rush hour & at other times of day:
There is congestion during special events:
Oncoming traffic makes it difficult to turn:
Posted detour route problem:
Other Traffic Concern:

Serious crashes have occured at this location:
Many crashes have occured at this location:
Can't see oncoming traffic when turning:
There are too many poles/trees:
There is a safety concern on a hill:
Cars go too fast around a curve:
Lines and other roadway markings are missing or faded:
Oncoming traffic makes it hard to turn:
Traffic signals are not working well:
Guide rails are missing or damaged:
Other Safety Concern:

The local transit service provider is:
There is no transit service when I need it:
The buses are old/in need of repair:
The buses are not fuel efficient:
More buses are needed:
New/additional routes are needed:
More park and ride lots are needed:
Need safer transit stops/park and ride lots:
My concern is with paratransit service:
Other Transit Concern:

Issue Description:

Pedestrian, Bicycle, & Alternate Travel Modes
There is no existing pedestrian facility:
Existing pedestrian facility is in need of repair:
There are no curb cuts for wheelchairs:
There are no pedestrian crossing signals/call buttons:
Audible pedestrian signals are needed:
Crosswalk markings are old/faded:
New bicycle lane or sharrow is needed:
Existing bicycle lane/sharrow is old/faded:
Bicycle lane/sharrow should be removed:
Maintenance needed for roadway shoulder:
Other pedestrian/bicycle concern:

Bridge is closed:
Bridge is weight restricted:
Bridge has wide load restriction:
Bridge has tall/overheight restriction:
Roadway has weight restriction:
Roadway design issue
(turn radius, lane width, etc):
Overhead utility issue:
Last mile concern:
Other Freight Concern:

Problem Description
(please be clear on your assessment of the problem, expanding on what you
have checked or providing new information if none of the checkboxes apply):

Land Use/Economic Development
(Is there anything related to land use or development that you feel is relevant at this point? Are you aware of community issues or public discourse about this problem to date? Have you contacted any of the municipalities regarding this problem? Please be brief and to the point in describing the situation):

Environmental Concerns
(Are there any environmental concerns that you feel are relevant at this point?):

Additional Comments:

SPC is committed to compliance with the non-discrimination requirements of applicable civil rights statutes, Executive Orders, regulations and policies. Meeting facilities are accessible by persons with disabilities. Accommodations may be provided for those with special needs related to language, sight or hearing with 72 hours advance notice. If you have a request for special accommodations or desire additional information, please contact Abigail Stark at (412) 391-5590 x343, or astark@spcregion.org.

This notice satisfies the program-of-projects requirements of the Urbanized Area Formula Program of the Federal Transit Administration.


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